In Game Rights

In Game Rights
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I’m going to talk about NPC “rights” like how Guard-NPCs could interact with normal NPCs and the players, players rights in a game and the type of games that can benefit from them. the NPC’s “rights” would be interactions with the Guards that will allow the player and other NPCs to do in their presence or actions that will warrant other NPCs to tell the guards and you could offset that by a morality variable to get different effects like if someone is caught stealing, NPCs with different morality values can react differently, some might tell the guards other might turn a blind eye, Etc. the same effect can apply to the player you could even add a tell option(tell the guards) to the player, and have the player able to do what the NPCs can do. the type of games that can benefit from a system like this is pretty obvious but games like Fable, or Elder Scrolls, and other games where social NPCs play a big role in the gameplay. What do you think is this a dumb system idea for a game or is it smart one?

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