Types of games I’d like to see more of

Types of games I’d like to see more of
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I’m going to talk about the types of Games I’d like so see more of and If you can’t tell It’s all a opinion. Now I’m more of a fantasy Game type of person so I really like the Idea of playing around with fantasy, not that I have a problem with realistic Games, It’s just there really hard to make work, unless It a versus/Fighting Game or if it’s like Dynasty warriors, where it has to diverge from history. There are a lot of Games I’d like to see, but I’ll start with Games set in the early 1900s or late 1800s be it with or without fantasy, I think It the atmosphere of that era would be pretty interesting to see and as far as I know there are very few Games in the Romantic Era (Also the La Belle Époque or Gilded Age) time period, I also find the fashion really fascinating, everything from the hairstyles to clothing just looks really nice. And the over all setting of the second Industrial revolution period is beautiful.

Next, I would like to see more Prehistoric era Games, mostly because I really like the setting of it’s pretty different from the current time and most other times in earth history. I think it also looks very dangerous and it’s a great setting for fantasy, imagine someone using magic on a dinosaurs or mammoth, I think it would be a great time period to make a Game take place in, even if it’s not fantasy. It’s not really a time period you see a lot in Games and I think the reason I would like to see it more in Games, is because I really liked the Prehistoric era in Chrono Trigger so I think there’s definitely some bias.

Lastly I would like to see more Games set in the far future not hundreds of years, but millions of years in the future, I think there’s tons of thing you could do with, that due to the vast amount of time passed, you could make it post-apocalyptic world or very technologically advanced world or some where in between. You could make some accident that happened that caused magic to be real and most of the old technology was lost as a result, there’s a lot you could do with this setting, like civilization going back on the rise and there back in the middle ages or something similar. What types of Game would you like to see more of?

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