The Future of gaming

The Future of gaming
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I’m going to talk about the future of Gaming, things like, possible future of Gaming, VR, Indie Games, Big Game studios, Game jams and how they may affect the future. I can see the future of Gaming going in many directions and given I don’t know the future, I can only speculate, I can see it going good, bad or neutral. I can see it going good because of indie Game development and as time progresses I think indie Games will get better and better. I can also see it going bad, because of some of the bad business practices some companies do.

As I said in VR Arcades, I think VR Arcades could be the future of VR Gaming, mostly because the main difference from the success consoles being space, consoles take up little to no space, but in VR you will move around a lot and it set up takes up a lot space too. And I think digital scent technology may also be great to integrate with VR Arcades.

With Indie Games I believe they will continue to grow and I think that they will be a big role in Gaming future. I hope big Gaming studios would listen to the fans more (I know It’s wishful thinking) but, I do understand Games take a lot of time to make and they can’t please everyone, but if they do listen to actual fans, I see the future of Gaming being good. Now Game jams if you don’t know what a Game jam is, it’s an event where indie Game developers make a Game around the parameters of the event’s theme like for examples if a Game jam’s theme is fire, then the developers in the jam will make a Game about fire in some way, now I think Game jams are important because many of those Games can inspire more Games which is always good. What do you think the future of Gaming will look like? Will it be good, bad or neither?

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