Slice of life games

Slice of life games
A Picture of Stardew Valley

I’m going to talk about Slice of life Games, I don’t know if that is the correct term for these type of Games, Games like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Sims, Persona and Rune Factory. They are kind of like life simulation Games, I’m just calling them Slice of life Games, because I want to and they aren’t exactly simulation Games. Games like Persona and Rune Factory are RPGs, but the have life simulation elements. These types Games are often pretty slow paced and they allow for quiet moments in the Games as I mentioned before in Quiet Moments in Game, quiet moments can be great for Games.

Now Slice of life Games can be fun, obviously that depends on if you like that type of Game or not, I do so, I’m going to talk about what I like about it, they’re great for letting the players play a more passive type Game. I honestly think more Games should implemented elements of Slice of life Games in them, they’re also good for collection with no sense of urgency and they let you feel like your in the Game in the sense that you get to do everyday type thing in the Game world and as long as they’re fun they should be good to add.

I also think that these types of Games mixed with a more active Gameplay style allows for a better paced Game and lets the player do something that isn’t as intense. It can also make your Game feel a little more alive and help sell the player that the Game world is real like in Persona 3 for example. It could give the player a in Game schedule that they could follow or not follow. What do you think about Slice of life games? Are they fun to you?

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