Retro games

Retro games
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I’m going to talk about Retro Games specifically what a Retro Game is, what makes it different from a Regular Game, Old retro Games and lastly retro style Games. A retro Game is a Game designed in the style of an earlier era of gaming (Retro like in, retroactive or retrospective is a big give away). What makes it different from a regular Game, by regular Game I mean an relatively recent Game, the answer is simple, the age and feel of the Game, as well as whether the visuals are from or emulate an past era.
Old retro Games are more or less just old Games, but I think when people say retro I don’t think the first Halo comes to mind, although you could call it one technically, but usually people mean Games from the late 90s to maybe the late 70s. Old retro Games are usually full of nostalgia for a lot of people and are Games like Secret of Mana, Street Fighter 2 (Not the remake), Super Mario RPG or The Legend of Zelda.
Retro style Games are what they sound like, it’s a Game made in the style of a older era of Games, Game that are spirited (Made in 2D) or low poly Games is mostly what I’m talking about Games like Retro City Rampage, Shovel Knight, Paratopic or Celeste. A Game like Minecraft I don’t consider a retro Game because, the style of it is programmer art that ended up staying for good, so I wouldn’t call it retro. What do you think about Retro Games? Is Minecraft one? Do you have a favorite retro Game?

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