Replayability in Games

Replayability in Games
Animal Crossing New Leaf Fishing

I’m going to talk about Replayability in Games, Games that can be played over and over again, the obvious type of Games with the some of most replayability being Puzzle and Fighting the reasons for their replayability is simply the fact that in most Puzzle Game and Fighting Game are matches, short spurts of Gameplay. I think the longer a Game is the harder it becomes to add replayability, because of the resource placement into Game Elements, meaning the placement of time and assets in quest, hidden items, crafting, achievement, multiple endings etc. The more you put into one of the Game Elements the more time added to the Games completion and cost to make more Game assets, which is why I think Miyamoto-San said “A delayed Game is eventually good” which is why you shouldn’t rush a Game if you want it to be good (Looking at you Sonic 06 and Fallout 76).

Now how could you make a Game a little more replayable well, I postulate that a fairly easy way is a New Game+ which are always fun, given the Game is good and you could also add hidden items which I mentioned earlier which can be a little more expensive, but It really depends on how its implemented. Another way to add replayability is extra Gameplay features like hunting and fishing, for example thing that are optional but slow down Gameplay, like in Animal Crossing where you can fish and catch bugs or Rune Factory 4 you can farm, fish, cook, date and get married, which slow the pace of the Game thus artificially lengthening the Game, adding replayability and It’s still fun.

Other ways that you could add more replayability to the is Multiplayer and Mini Games they are pretty expensive, Multiplayer adds an almost infinite amount of replayability especially if it’s Multiplayer Versus. Mini Games are also an extra Gameplay feature but they don’t have to be in Game (It could be a in the Game menu). But the the best way to make a Game with high replayability is simply make a interesting Game or at least add interesting elements, I think Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a good example of a interesting Game, It allows for a lot of freedom and that’s not including the the Methods of increases replayability I mentioned earlier, In my opinion Minecraft is a good example of a Game with a interesting elements the Game it’s self is not really that interesting, but the crafting elements and the building feature (Including Red stone) are very interesting thus making Minecraft a fairly interesting Game.

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