Realistic AI in games

Realistic AI in games
A picture of Rune Factory 4 Special

I’m going to talk about Realistic Ai mostly humanoid Ai, and how to get a realistic effect in a game, the problem with Realistic Ai and how rights help with the Ai. The best way I can think of to get realistic humanoid Ai is to add personalities, there’s a lot of ways to add personalities to an NPC but one way I thought of is to use a personality systems the exist in real life, for example you could use the 16 personality traits and make the Five Personality Aspects individually and depending on the level of the aspects the NPC has it gives them different dialogue/action options depending on the separate(and/or combined) aspects they have. the problem with Realistic Ai is simply It’s a lot funnier to break, and It’s Imposable to get a 1 for 1 human like Ai because it doesn’t exist yet(which is a rant for another time), I’m sure there are more problems but those are the main once I could think of. Now how Rights can help, different personality aspects can become more likely to break other NPCs certain rights, as well as having certain rights broken can offend them more, you could also make some personality combinations more like to call the guards vs attack you themselves. But those are just my thoughts, Let me know if you like it a great idea or moronic.

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