Realism in Games

Realism in Games
This is a picture of Tokugawa Ieyasu from WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate

I’m going to talk about Realism in Games, do Games need to be realistic the obvious answer is No, however I think that the more realistic a Game is the more room you could have for fantasy, for example if a Game is on the more realistic side, like A Call of Duty Game, the more you could deviate from reality, to make a Game like Halo. So if you think of it like a spectrum from more realistic Games to total fantasy, then it allows for a ton of different types fantasy Games, that could be made, but given that most Games are fiction unless they are based on a real persons life, which is still usually fiction anyway, do to the freedom of games allowing you to do things that never happened in history, I’m mostly talking about games like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors which have real people from history and event in history but, if you were forced to live someone else’s life in a game that be no fun your better off reading a book or watching a documentary on them.

Now another good use for realism is it could be used to help sell a fictional idea, by giving a realistic reason behind a fantasy element, for example let’s say in a Game there are characters with magic abilities and it came from a mutation in an ancestor’s genes that let’s them shoot lightning, water and/or fire, while it’s not super realistic it’s extremely unlikely to happen in real life it could happen, I guess you could say it’s a realistic fiction example.
I personally think that Gameplay is and should be the main focus of a Game, but realism just helps support fantasy writing, but if a Game isn’t supposed to be very story heavy, then it’s no big deal to skimp on realism. I have no problem with pure fantasy Games, in fact I really like them a lot and they make story writing a little easier, because it can be impossibly unrealistic. What do you think about Realism in Games? Do you think they help fantasy Games?

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