Quiet Moments in Games

Quiet Moments in Games
Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Opening

I going to be talking about Quiet Moments in Video Game, for clarity I’m not talking about sound, I’m talking about scenic views in Games (And often times you want music). A easy example of what I’m talking about is Zelda: Ocarina of time’s Intro, when they show the different areas in the Game. I’m going to talk about is what Quiet Moments in Games are good for and ways to add them to a Game and if a Game needs them.

First, If a Game needs them Is pretty easy to answer If a Game is Artsy or has pretty good graphics, then It’s could help the Game be more visual, if not then you could add it but that probably isn’t a good idea for obvious reasons (I mean if the game is ugly).

Now, Good ways to add Quiet Moments to a Game, You could as mentioned earlier Use a Intro like Zelda does or When the player is doing filler things like sitting or fishing etc, You could show off your Games visuals, if the whole appeal of the Game is the visuals you could use wallpaper for the backgrounds like Final Fantasy VII or Attack of the Friday Monsters (Yeah, I’m flexing) that doesn’t quite add a Quiet Moment to the Game, but it does make it easier to add Quiet Moments. And the easiest way is to add cut scenes that show off scenery.

What Quiet Moments are good for are giving the player a good sense of the Games atmosphere, show off great scenery and to immerse the player in the world of the Game. Now not every Game needs Quiet Moments, but I think they can help the player appreciate the art work that went in to the Game, Like in Zelda Breath of the wild. What Games do you remember great Quiet Moments and/or Quiet Moment were uses?

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