Hard Games

Hard Games
Mega Man X 6

I’m going to talk about what makes a hard Game hard specifically, Skill, Artificial Difficulty and Knowledge of the Game. Skill is usually a combination of of timing, and knowing when to act and when not to and what to do given a situation. Skill is gained mostly from putting a lot of time in a Game, or if you’re a natural (Which I’m not and few people are). Many of the type of Games that use a lot of skill are Fighting Games, 2D/3D Platforming Games and Strategy Games to name a few.

Now artificial difficulty is a cheap way of adding difficulty like for example boosting a enemy’s stat to a very high number, Poor level design and giving a enemy a very cheap attack that only they can use or Spam. You may be wondering what constitutes Poor level design? Poor level design is when the level is design to make you lose with little chance of winning (Think, I want to be the Guy and Boshi), It’s ether by accident, because the Devs stop caring or design for persistent people.

Knowledge of the Game, pretty obviously, is what you know about the Game but, I think is often over looked and I think that is partially why the more you do something the better you get at it, because you gain more knowledge of that thing be it conscious or subconscious. In Video Games, I’m mostly talking about the conscious part, due to that being the easiest to prove. When you play a Game sometimes, when you learn a trick that makes a Game easier and that affects the difficulty of the Game. What do you think makes a Game hard? And What Games are too hard for you?

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