Nostalgia in Video Games

Nostalgia in Video Games
These are my Nostalgic games

I’m going to talk about Video Game Nostalgia, that feeling you get when you play a Game from your younger years. I often get a Nostalgic feeling form Games in my childhood, those being Snes, PS1, N64 and some from the Dreamcast Games I’ve played. I do have a lot fond memories of the Xbox and PS2 and GameCube, but I don’t really have a Nostalgic feeling towards them and same goes for other systems I’ve played like the Wii or Wii U and some memories are better than others.

I think the reason why is, because the older a great memory gets the better you remember it (In the sense you remember it better then it probably was). And for me my oldest memories would be of the Snes and watching and playing Samurai Showdown, Chrono Trigger and Soul Blade as a child. And playing those Games often flood me with old memory that I don’t normally think about.
So whats the difference between a fond memory and a Nostalgic memory? Well, I think a Nostalgic memory comes from a feeling of longing to relive a great experience you had from a great memory that you’ll never have again. But a fond memory is simply just a good memory. For example a Nostalgic memory is more like me wanting to become a kid again and play Soul Blade in the late 90s which we all know is not going to happen. But a fond memory is like me remembering that great pizza I had 5 years ago, It’s not the quite the same feeling. But anyway those are just my thoughts, What Game(s) do you feel Nostalgic about and What are your most Nostalgic memories?

Here’s a good video on Nostalgia in general by TED-Ed:

And one from Vsauce:

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