Economies in games

Economies in games
A Picture of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

I’m going to talk about economies in Games, I think if a Game has shops then the economy is worth some thought, like for example whether or not you earn money from fighting enemies or from selling an enemy’s items or from buying in one city and selling in another. A good Game can still have a bad Game economy, but I think It should be designed some what fair that way the player can earn money and isn’t just doing a lot of work for nothing, which is no fun.

Game economies should also take in a count what the player might earn in a given area or point in the Game, and the items being sold in an early area of the Game to be super expensive, if a Game is an RPG, then you probably don’t want to have the player earning about 25 gold, and In the nearest towns the cheapest potion is like 5000 gold, I think you could fix this not only by adjusting the potion’s price, but you could also add an item drop from the enemy that is worth about 500 gold or more. The less the player earns and the more things cost just makes a Game very grindy, which if done right isn’t bad.

I think there are many ways you could make a Game economy interesting, such as making the player mostly earn money from jobs and selling items, or giving the player the ability to own a business, obviously that shouldn’t be the only way to earn money, because that may not appeal to everyone, but a fun idea nonetheless. I think the Game creators could add some kind of supply and demand algorithm that changes the prices in different towns for different reasons.What do you think about Game Economies? Are there any Game Economies you Like or Hate?

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