Diversity in Games

Diversity in Games
A Picture of Witcher 3

I’m going to be talking about Diversity in Video Games mostly about if diversity is needed in Games or the Gaming industry, is diversity good or bad for a Game and ways to add diversity to Games. So, Is diversity need in Games I would say, Yes, obliviously we don’t want to play the same Game, over and over, but that’s depending on what you mean by diversity if you mean diversity as in different races and things of that nature, I think it gets a little more complex, I think it really depends on the Game, if it makes no sense in the context of the Game then No, it could get in the way of the Game being good or fun, however If you mean diversity of Ideas, then Yes.

Is diversity in Games good or bad? As mentioned before I think diversity of ideas is great in a Game, but diversity for the sake of diversity can be bad, I do believe that tokenism can be good in a Game if done right, if it makes sense in the Game, for example in a medieval Game that takes place in Italy, it would make no real sense to have a Chinese or Native American village in medieval Italy, however if it takes place in a fantasy land and not medieval Italy then it makes more sense.

How I think diversity should be added, It shouldn’t be forced in a Game, because I think most players will notice if it’s forced, but if it gets added naturally, like in the context of the Game(Or Games Lore). And as mentioned before you shouldn’t add diversity for diversity’s sake, so you should aim for diversity of ideas and try to make it interesting like The Witcher or Kingdom come deliverance. The Wicher is based off a book, based off polish mythology and Kingdom come deliverance takes place in Bohemia both of which are relatively interesting. If a Game does tokenism it could be done well, like Street fighter were each character is unique and interesting and from different places in the world for the most part. What do you think about diversity in Video Games, Do you think diversity is need in Games and How should it be done?

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