Christmas in July, Special.

Christmas in July, Special.
Christmas In July; White and Red Flag By Aaron Schwartz

Today I’m going to talk about Christmas, Being as It’s July and the 25th. I will be talking about Christmas from a Historic point of view, Economic point of view and Scientific point of view, and also give a brief of what I think about Christmas, So if you don’t like opinions feel free to leave early. (Note in this I will use the bible which make sense give the topic.)

Historically Christmas’s origins are pretty unclear however I from what I’ve read it’s pretty old, and as with old things looking back is difficult. Now from what I know Christmas does not have Pagan origins, However there is probably some pagan influence. The belief that Christmas had pagan origins is fairly resent from people like Paul Ernst Jablonski and Jean Hardouin who wrote about their beliefs and some people took them and ran with them.

Christmas Economically is beneficial, How? easy It’s stimulates the economy, because, people are buying more and it’s primarily why things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a thing, And that gives businesses Profit to spend, And that sometimes means more jobs and more jobs means more money being made and spent during this time. The biggest down side I can see is irresponsible spending by consumers, which I don’t support and think is a bad Idea, Don’t do it.

Christmas is Good Scientifically, due to it being a time of Nostalgia and Good memories for many people, and the over all theme of the time, Promotes, Giving, Sharing and Good will amongst your fellow man which releases Dopamine and make you feel good and may even make you healthier and live longer. (Unless your a sociopath like me, In which case, do it anyway, due to the back scratch law, It comes in handy Trust me{Or don’t})

Now, What I think, if you are a Religious person namely a Christian, people may use Jeremiah 10: 1-5, against you, but that is incorrect due to the first reference to a Christmas tree we have is in Freiburg, Germany in 1419, the scripture is most likely taking about idols being made, given the God of the Bible clearly has a Disdain for idols, that would make more sense, Rather than, a tree being put in someone’s house, would he find that weird, Probably, but I’d say that’s better then contempt, As for my Muslim brothers if you don’t want to celebrate it, that’s fine, even though Isa was a Muslim prophet, we still kind of need y’all as a back bone of the economy, due to irresponsible spenders, so don’t feel bad. And to Atheist peeps, Please, celebrate Christmas, but don’t do irresponsible spending, It’s also a good time for easy Dopamine release as mentioned earlier, And do It for the Children. Ok, all that Aside, I think Christmas is can be a net positive for most people and I think there should be Reduced Taxes (Obviously, not important things like Police, Trash collection, Firemen, Etc. I mean cut miscellaneous things)  Over all during the Christmas time, which will give people more money (To save or spend), I also think they should have Higher Tax Break Percentages for Donations to Charities at this time, if they don’t already, And if you don’t want to support our Corporate Overlords, you can try to buy most of your Gifts locally. What does any of this have to do with Games? You may be wondering, Easy, Buy More Games at Christmas Time! (JK) Anyway What do you think, is Christmas a menace to society, or just another Ploy from the Capitalist Dominion?

Also, Merry Unseasonable Christmas!



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