Character Traits and Attributes

Character Traits and Attributes
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I’m going to talk about Character Traits and Attributes, to clear up what I mean, Character Traits or Traits are Nurture meaning things they picked up and Attributes are Nature things they were born with, this post is no totally a Game Post but it can be applied to game character creations. Why does this matter? It help you make differing characters easily(Unfortunately it does not make you write good character that’s all story telling skill), or diverse character if you will. Character traits are traits mostly gained by environment, exceptions being some personality traits the character was born with like a aggressive personality inherited from a parent, but remember some Personality traits are gained and warped by environments like a characters culture or other traits pick up from their environment. Attributes are traits that a Character is born with like race, hair color and eye shape etc. while you can try to change attributes like for example an elf cutting down their ears, but because that’s not a genetic change that would be consider a Character trait they gained and not a change in attributes. Why are Character traits different than attributes? Let’s say the Elf cut their ears down, because they were raised by Orcs and found their ears dishonorable, the elf’s cut ears and Orc culture are Character trait and not attributes, but an attribute of the the Elf is being an elf, and a attribute of elves is having long ears, so having long ears is also a attribute of the elf regardless of what he does to them. My last example is, what if you have an Orc born without tusk, that is an attribute of that orc, because that is something the orc had no control over. So basically Character traits are things that the character gains by the environment or their actions, attributes are things that the Character was born with and can’t really be controlled. What do you think? Are Character traits and attributes unimportant or will it help you understand the Characters you write?

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