Bad Business Practices In Game Companies

Bad Business Practices In Game Companies
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I’m going to talk about Bad business practices that some game companies do, This is just my opinion so feel free to disagree (This blog is just a opinion anyway). The main practices I will be talking about are DLC, Micro-transactions and Cease and Desists. Now, I have no problem with DLC, however I don’t like when the DLC is the game like Street fighter 5(Before Champion Edition), I was a Idiot that Pre-odered Street fighter 5 for the Ps4 and all I got was a Chun li costume (Which you can buy, by the way {If it were Karin then I wouldn’t be complaining…}) there wasn’t much you can do in it at first (Especially, if your a poor Troglodyte like me who didn’t and doesn’t have PlayStation plus). Then came Arcade edition (It did come with new modes, But It should have came with the game anyway, so Capcom you still lose a star for that one.) which you can get for almost half the price I paid and get two character passes, and how is that a bad business practice? Simple I’m not getting any DLCs full price (For Street fighter 5) and will Never Pre-odering another Street fighter in the future. If your a Pro-Street Fighter player it makes sense, but most people aren’t so there’s no reason too (And It’s sucks for the Pros the most).

Next, is Micro-transactions, and again I’m going to use Street fighter 5 (And Yes, I’m Still Salty!) The fight money system is no different then a Mobile Game where you pay money for in Game currency, but you can’t buy fight money (And the in Game Economy is busted). Now I have no problem with Micro-transactions, but It should be paired with a Free Game or Cheap Game and not a $60($20 now) Game or be fair (And don’t charge money for colors (Fight money does have real money value even though you can’t buy it because something you can buy with real money you can buy with fight money a character cost 100,000 fight money and $5 real money)) I understand a business’s need for money which is why I think instead of making Street fighter 5 feel like a $20 Mobile Game, you make another Game that’s a mobile Game (And call it Capcom Ballroom Blitz, JK) that’s free to play and charge for In game currency and Capcom has plenty of reusable assets from their older Games like the Super Gem fighters and they can even use bones like Fire Emblem Heroes. Micro-transaction Games should be free(Or very cheap) and definitely not $20.

Now, Cease and Desist and this time (Capcom’s off the hook) I will be using companies and Nintendo as examples (Also I know Nintendo is Japanese and their business culture is different) I do understand the need for Cease and Desist, however if something is fan made I don’t think Cease and Desist is a very good Idea and here’s why, when something is Fan made and the people interested in the Fan Game, know or will most likely look for the original source, thus making it free a kind of Advertising which is always good for a business, Valve bought Gmod and Gmod Is still very successful not to say Nintendo isn’t successful. but they did (Don’t know if they still do) have a habit of Cease and Desisting Fan Games rather than buying or leaving it as advertisement, which is kind of a loss for Nintendo, like if Nintendo had bought Another Metroid 2 Remake rather than Cease and Desist it, they would have had a Free Game (Or free if you have millions of dollars) on the Eshop, because time is more valuable then money (Which Nintendo has plenty of) And again If they didn’t buy it, It’s free Advertising. Now for small indie companies they should Cease and Desist people trying to steal their work, but Nintendo Isn’t small and almost everyone knows their works (Aside from the region only Games). And It also makes the fans mad when they Cease and Desist fan Games which isn’t good. (No I don’t Hate Capcom or Nintendo, And Respect to Capcom for putting Ads in a $60 Game, LUL) So, What do you think? Am I wrong and are all Game Companies Evil? Do you Like being gypped by Capcom?

(This was written before Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition, if you couldn’t tell.)

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