Are Game Developers Racist

Are Game Developers Racist

I’m going to talk about whether or not Game Developers are Racist, specifically, the lack of racially diverse characters, developers not being able to animate kinky hair, and are most protagonist white. A the quick answer is No, I don’t think so. First I will define what I mean by racist, “A person that feels or believes that their race is superior to another or all other races.” now with that out the way, is there a lack of racially diverse characters, again No there is a large amount of characters in Video Games and the diversity will keep growing as more and more Games and Game developers that come about.

Can developers animate kinky hair, I think it depends on the way the hair is implemented in the Game, I could be wrong but, I think particle hair as an Afro may be taxing on a GPU to animate and might not look right, again depending on how it’s implemented, but if the hair is 3D modeled and bones are added to it, then it should animate fine. So Yes it can be if implemented right.

Are most protagonist white in Video Games, I would say I don’t know, but I’ll just say No, but there are a lot of them that are white, but, I don’t think that matters, why? Because as long as the Game is good or entertaining the race of the protagonist is not relevant to me and I would say most protagonist in a lager percentage of games aren’t even human and if indeed most protagonist are white that is not a sign that all or most Game developers are racist. So are Game developers racist No, Are there racist Game developers probably, however just because there are a few racist in an group does not make the group racist, especially in a huge group like Game development. What do you think, are Game developers are racist? Can kinky hair be animated? Is there not enough racially diverse characters?

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