Alternate History Games

Alternate History Games
A Picture of Streets Of Rage 4

I’m going to talk about Alternate History Games mostly what make them good, key changes in reality, what if scenarios. Alternate History allows for a pretty easy fantasy setting, if you try to make the changes to reality, then, that may be a little harder to deal with, but if you make up changes that could happen, that would make it pretty easy, that’s one thing that makes them pretty good, they also give that touch of reality that makes the fantasy setting feel that much more solid, given it’s done right.

What I mean by key change in reality, would be things like if there’s magic or hyper-advances in technology, so basically any major changes to the real world. Obviously there’s a lot that can be done with key change in reality like if Roman Empire never fell and was still here to date or if Genghis Khan’s conquered territory was still in the hands of the Mongols, things like that are what make key changes in reality so fun to use in fantasy.

While key changes in reality are technically still what if scenarios, but with what if scenarios I’m mostly referring to relatively small change to the real world like if Tsar Nicholas II listened to Rasputin and didn’t go to war or if Mao never learned about socialism or if King George III had a good relationship with the American Colonies or if Columbus did go to India. As you can see relatively small changes can have massive effects on a fantasy world. What do you think would be a good Alternate History fantasy world? Do you like Alternate History Games?

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